Community Supported Compost

Calling all gardeners, farmers & landscapers!

Do you want:

  • to support local food scrap composting?
  • to foster on-farm composting research and education?
  • to ensure high-quality compost is available to you locally?

Then join our CSC – Community Supported Compost program – to keep your dollars and your compost in the community, and support our efforts to build a statewide, closed loop food system!


Your CSC membership will:

  • Contribute to the local economy
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support our on-farm composting research and education programs
  • Nourish your gardens for years to come

Benefits of Highfields’ compost: High-quality compost (there is a difference!) · Greater nutrient retention over time and more efficient delivery of nutrients to your plants · Weed seeds and pathogens are destroyed during processing · Suitable for organic production · Improves your soil Cation Exchange Capacity · Improves soil and plant suppression and resistance to disease and pest organisms · Improves soil structure and moisture management

Your membership helps our organization.  Our organization helps farms, businesses and communities throughout Vermont. Our compost builds your soils. Close the Loop on the local food system and the local economy! For more information or to join, call Highfields at 802-472-8880.