Closing the Loop: Composting in Schools - Whether schools compost themselves or simply divert their food scraps, this simple addition to the lunchroom allows students to close the loop on their food system and learn the basics of decomposition.

Close the Loop! Compost

Community Composting - Introducing Close the Loop! Vermont, a community composting program that saves valuable resources by composting food scraps and turning them into nutritious soil for farmers, gardeners, and the community.

Composting for Kids - An animated teaching guide for starting a compost program in your school. In this brief video, students will learn about compost, the importance of closing the loop on their food system and how to separate food scraps effectively.

Why Close the Loop? - Why should we close the loop on our food cycle?

Vermont Businesses Close the Loop

Compost Recipe Development

Compost Pile Turning

Compost Pile Turning

Food Scraps for Chicken Feed