Toolkit Resource List

Resources for Home Composters

Upcoming events/workshops
Slides: “Extreme Home Composting”
Slides: Backyard composting (abbreviated)
Video: Residential Drop-Off
Map: Find the drop-off site closest to you

Resources for Schools

Explore Your Options

School Composting Options

Join A Community Collection Service

Map: “Join a Loop”

Curriculum & Training Materials

Video: “Composting for Kids”
Video: “Central Vermont Solid Waste District Elementary School Compost Video (with subtitles)”
Learning Opportunities
Read-aloud Book List

Resources for Businesses

Video: “Vermont Businesses Close the Loop”
Map: Join a Community Collection Service

Resources for Community Composting

Growing Local Fertility: A Guide to Community Composting

Download the entire book (PDF)

Introduction & Part 1: Why Community Composting?
Summarizes what composting is and why it is important, and defines the principles of community composting

Part 2: Composting Systems
Complete explanation of the many types of composting systems large and small, and everything in between.

Part 3: Model Programs
Profiles of 31 programs, from community gardens to collection entrepeneurs, from rural farms to urban neighborhood programs.

Part 4: How to Plan a Community Compost Project
12 steps that walk you through planning and implementing your project.

Part 5: Tips for Replication & Conclusion
5 tips for program development, 5 tips working with food scrap generators, 5 tips for composters

How to Start a Residential Drop-off

Find the drop-off site closest to you
NEK drop off case study
VIDEO: Residential Drop-off

Resources for Composter/Farmer

Chicken Composting

Video: Food Scraps for Chicken Feed

Developing a Composting Recipe

Video: Compost Recipe Development

Managing Your Compost

Video: Compost Pile Monitoring
Video: Compost Pile Turning